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Bob Venafro

Creating a sense of wonderment

What has been said about me.

Brendan Jacobs Beautiful colours. The more I stare at this painting the more I see and the more the colours seem to blend, bend, and morph creating almost a living landscape with new features.

Robert Venafro's impasto style of work  evokes human characteristics and creates dramatic effects. He builds on this theme through-out his series.'

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Leaps and Bounds: This new series is included in the (click on) gallery now. You can view the progress and enjoy the art as I post them. I hope you will still enjoy the paintings of my last show; the complete collection of Beyond Boundaries Au-delà des limites is here for your viewing pleasure. Also, you can now view some of the paintings from my first solo show - I see through the seasons Je vois à travers les saisons.

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Arthur Wesley Dow commented about composition in painting: ‘Composition not as an arrangement of pretty things, but as space filled in a meaningful way. I have done this (Dow), not only by filling the space of a canvas, but by selection, elimination, emphasis. In the abstractions, the forms are so simplified, they become something greater than themselves - not realistic, but real. Even in my (Dow) leaves and flowers – the object for its own sake is pushed away. Never rejected altogether, but stripped to its essence, its intrinsic, hidden life.‘

The theme of my next show is Quiddity, defined as the essence of something or someone. And, Wesley Dow has captured the essence of my development, and my art. Throughout my first two shows I have explored composition, colour, and challenged my essence. I picked up the quote from a book on Georgia O’keeffe.

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